Together we can end period poverty in Montana!


"Crescent Montana’s mission is to serve the public interest by reducing disparities in access to health care in rural and Tribal Montana schools, specifically by providing readily available menstrual hygiene products to schools, and access to reproductive health education."

Mission Statement, 2019

Our mission

     At Crescent, we believe that Montana students have the right to an education without being hindered by poor reproductive healthcare. Sadly, a growing pool of data has shown that as many as 1 in 5 girls in America has been forced to miss school because they don't have access to menstrual hygiene products (1). This is what is known as Period Poverty and, frankly, it is unacceptable.

     Crescent's mission is to eliminate period poverty in Montana by providing free and readily-available period products to Montana schools, with an emphasis on low income and at-risk communities. 


"Crescent empowers young women, valuing both their health and education, and showing them that the two are not mutually exclusive."

Bozeman High School Senior, 2019

"This is incredible!!I really appreciate that you are helping provide menstrual hygiene products and reproductive education to schools. Thank you."

Bozeman High School First-Year, 2019

     This program doesn't just affect low income students, though. By making menstrual hygiene products free and available to any student in need, we are eliminating the pervasive stigma that women's hygiene needs are less important than others—after all, we provide free toilet paper to our students.

     Especially during the critical period of adolescence, tackling this stigma is incredibly important. Crescent hopes to show Montana students that they don't need to chose between being comfortable and healthy and getting an education.

With your help, we can #StopPeriodPoverty in Montana!

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Current Projects

To fight period poverty in Montana, Crescent has started its Bathroom Dispenser Initiative. We are working to partner with Montana middle and high schools by providing and stocking free period product dispensers in women's restrooms. The dispensers are custom designed to be friendly and inviting, with instructions for safe period product use kindly provided by Bridgercare and Central Montana Family Planning Clinic! We currently have partnerships with six Montana schools, with more schools soon to follow! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about our school outreach program and stay updated as we expand across Montana!  

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